Larry has been taking care of our piano since 1991. (I think that makes us his longest standing customer!) He not only keeps our piano in tune, but over the years, he’s detected, monitored, and repaired a few structural problems, both major and minor. His attention to detail and concern for our piano (and our pocketbook!) have saved us money and kept our instrument playing better than the day we bought it. Larry is always punctual and 100 percent trustworthy. He’s a total professional, while at the same time, it’s always a pleasure to chat and catch each other up on what’s been going on in our lives between his biannual visits. When Larry’s done doctoring your piano, sit back and enjoy listening while he puts it through its paces!

Daniel Assael & Marcia Mandel, Durham, NC


A glowing recommendation goes to Larry Fernandez of Allegro Piano Tuning and Repair. Larry has seen my musically minded children from “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, at age five, all the way to college age on our Somher upright, a fine quality but cantankerous piano. That’s sixteen years of excellent service. He goes way beyond the average tuning, carefully maintaining the piano itself. And, he’s saved us money over the years by installing the Piano Life Saver System inside the piano. We invariably look forward to him coming with his spread of tools and huge positive energy; and, even if we aren’t home yet, he knows to come on in and get started. To finish up each tuning session, Larry, the consummate musician, plays for us a burst of extemporized jazz in, of course, fabulous sound. I wholeheartedly recommend Allegro Piano Tuning and Repair for all piano needs. Larry is awesome!

Donna Samsa, Hillsborough


We have used Allegro Piano Tuning to tune our church piano since 1999. Larry is very knowledgeable and has done an excellent job for us over the years. We are pleased with his work and plan to continue to utilize his services.

Pam Sykes, Secretary, Gospel Baptist Tabernacle Church, Hillsborough


I am writing this letter to recommend Larry Fernandez (Allegro Piano Tuning and Repair). Larry has taken care of our three pianos since 1999. He does quality work in a very professional manner. He is trustworthy and will stand behind his service. Please fell free to contact me if you have any questions.

Charles Churchill, Pastor, Five Forks Baptist Church, Cedar Grove, NC


I am happy to recommend Allegro Piano Tuning for your consideration… I am House Director of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority at UNC in Chapel Hill and have used this company for 15 years to care for our baby grand piano. I have found them to be capable, reasonable in price, and pleasant to deal with.

Nancy Korcheck, Chapel Hill


Larry has been tuning our piano for the last ten years, and we have been more than pleased with his knowledge about pianos and his skill in tuning them. Several years ago, Larry installed a Life Saver System to help our piano better acclimate to fluctuations in humidity. Because of this, our piano stays in tune much longer than it did prior to installation of the system. Larry is always a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a skilled, reliable and friendly piano tuner.

Michael & Lori Slack, Durham


Larry has been tuning my piano for more than 12 years and I would recommend him to anyone whose looking for a piano tuner. He’s capable and very accommodating when you have schedule changes. He installed the Piano Life Saver System and we’ve been very pleased. The piano has never sounded so good.

Sherry Anscher, Chapel Hill


Larry has been tuning my piano for the past 15 years. He has always been reliable in terms of keeping appointment times and does a great job of keeping my Young Chang baby grand in tune. About 8 years ago he installed a Life Saver System which has helped to keep my piano in balance. It is located near a woodstove and would otherwise be damaged by the heat. I trust Larry to take care of my piano which is one of my most valuable possessions and highly recommend him.

BR, Chapel Hill

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